Investing in a Holiday Home Abroad

Housing in Spain has very well lowered its prices and many investment and foreign funds have launched to find opportunities. However, a falling domestic market in the short term is not as profitable as some foreign locations. Therefore, there are many investors who are considering buying a house outside Spain and… also – why not?

But a different legal system, different cultural’ know-how’, classic winkery of the place and even the ignorance of the area can take away the buyer from making an important and profitable investment. For this reason, going to a specialized real estate agency will make things much easier to know the viability of the local markets we are interested in and will also provide us with security.

First step: finding the house

To find a suitable house, it is highly recommended to know the local market:

1. One possibility is that we have a very detailed knowledge of ourselves by spending long periods of time in the place or having visited it thoroughly. Likewise, it is also necessary to be clear what we want the house for: as a second home or as an investment, because for each option it is advisable to know which are the locations of the country with the highest profitability.

2. Another option is to go to the real estate agent who gives us a general introduction on the local market to know where we are interested in finding the property we are looking for. In each country there are areas of high, medium and low demand and the desired investment could lead to a catastrophe if we are not well advised. “The investor must establish contact with internationally renowned professionals and agencies of international stature to help them determine the right investment,” says Ignacio Sobrino, associate agent at RE/MAX Casagrande & Asociados in Tomares, Seville.

3. A previous personal interview with your trusted agent in Spain, who is internationally accredited and also takes charge of monitoring the entire process of the operation, will help you find the right house.

Second step: legal certainty

Knowing how home buying and selling laws work is crucial.

1. When we have found the house, we ask the real estate agent to give us a general introduction on the legal particularities of the country that must be known and the differences most pointed out with Spain to make this transaction. It is the contact agent abroad who must inform the referred client of each of these particularities, taxes, expenses, rights and obligations, and if possible that the contracts to be signed clearly detail them,”says Sobrino. For example, in France, as Eva Souza, director of Engel & Völkers’ Cannes shop, explains, once the purchase contract for the house has been signed at the notary’s office, the buyer has seven days to withdraw.

2. To overcome the language barrier, it is essential to have a sworn translation into Spanish. In Spain, for example, in the case of a foreigner who does not speak or cannot communicate in the official language of each community, he or she is obliged to hire an official translator to assist him or her in the purchasing process. The presence of such translator shall be required at the notary’s office. This is what usually happens in any notary’s office in another country,”says Sobrino.

3. Hiring a local lawyer is the next step, and if possible be fluent in both Spanish and the language of the country of origin, although there are also many real estate agencies that already have a legal department included among their services. We advise them but it is always mandatory to hire a local lawyer, and we provide them with a serious and reliable law firm,” says Eduardo Lluzar, Catalan licensee of Engel & Völkers who works in the Dominican Republic. Some of their basic tasks in all countries are to check that the property is in the name of seller or to facilitate translations in contracts. Also to avoid the particular scams of each country, as Lluzar puts it:”In the Dominican Republic it is not possible to sell a property without having the approved demarcation that guarantees the individualization of the property with respect to the other adjacent properties, its own cadastral designation and a serious property registry”.

4. Know the taxes involved in the purchase and sale operation, both for the seller and the buyer. Depending on the country, it will be necessary to know whether there are taxes for the increase in wealth, double taxation, that is to say, whether taxes have to be paid in Spain and in the country of origin. Also those that have to do with renting the property, its maintenance, local fees, community fees, etc.

Smartest Ways to Invest in Real Estate and Earn Great Money

We are all tired and daunted with ever so new government policies coming out just every quarterly. If you are looking to save your money from taxes, then investments are the smartest tools to not only save but also get good returns. Real Estate offers the best returns by far, better than any stocks or interest rates or funds. Inflation is just everywhere and people shade a lot of hard earned money into paying for taxes to the government. Buying an investment property is the sure shot way of investing money wisely.

Everyone is toiling hard to get good returns for the money they earn, government is not going to help you save money nor give you good returns. But, there are undoubtedly some very good policies laid by government that helps one to save money only if they are ready to save money. Investments gives one financial freedom where they can get it en-cashed whenever the need be. If you have more money then you get more freedom, the proportion is rightly stated. With financial freedom, one can have a better life for oneself and their loved ones. Given below are top reasons why investing in real estate is a productive decision and the excellent way to protect your wealth.

a. Positive cash flow

Investing in real estate gives you positive effects by saving your money and getting good returns over years. Leasing your properties will give you regular flow of income and at the same time help secure your assets. Real estate investments are the best in terms of return money you get.

b. Leveraging to multiply the value

This is perhaps the most important characteristic of commercial real estate investments; one can place debt on the asset that is multiplied several times than its original value. It helps you to invest in more assets with less money, helps to increase equity as the loan is getting paid.

c. Investment hedging

For every investment that is made, there are great returns that are awaiting you. Real estate investments have historically been known to show highest correlation to inflation as compared to other asset values. Generally, when inflation rises, the prices of real estate having high-ratio of labor and replacements cost also raises giving benefits to investors.

d. Capitalizing on physical assets

Investing in property is an income producing resource; it’s a hard asset to invest in a very meaningful way. The structure of the property land carries value and it only appreciates over time and gives a lot of value addition for years to come. Real estates are an on-going ever so green best investment options for good returns.

e. Maximize the taxing benefits

Government gives a lot of tax value benefits to investors who are investing in real estate. Usually, when a person sells the property, he has to pay income tax to government for the income but if he puts that money into buying another property than taxes are not levied. A person can get very good benefits by investing in real estate ordinarily.

Hurdles In A Real Estate Project Investment

Investing in real estate is a very lucrative business. Analyzing the property market where you are going to invest your money is very important. Despite what many people believe, becoming a real estate investor can help you earn huge profits. As long as you go about the business the right way, you can reap huge rewards and achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

However, as with every great business opportunities, there are some difficulties to overcome in order to be a successful investor.

Research is the most important thing when it comes to investing in real estate. Good research always plays a vital role in property investment. With the advent of technology today, it is not as time-consuming as it used to be. There are several websites available on the internet that helps a great deal in finding a suitable property, location as well as reasons to invest in it. Take your time to conduct the research and search for the best location. Check for the specifics of the region you are considering to invest in. Analyze the buyers, sellers, rental, and investor in the area. If need be, contact the property agents of that particular location through any means possible and send them quires to find out any question you have about buying, selling and renting of any property in that area. These things may give you enough knowledge about investing in real estate in that particular area. Ultimately, you will be able to get a full picture property business in that region.

Below are things you need to know about an area before considering investing in property in that region.
• Population,
• Tax and ownership law,
• Buyer and Sellers of that particular region,
• Temperature and Environment,
• Future projects and Developments,
• Rents of property,
• Management cost,
• Insurance policy,and
• Tourism Industry.

These are some basic things that must be considered before buying property in any region. These things may help to reduce your risk and give you handsome return on your investment. Aside from all of these, you may need to enlist the service of a professional property agent that has the full knowledge of that particular area. This might be necessary because when you are going to buy any property, there are some legal agreements and contracts that you may need to sign. To avoid running into crisis in the process, a professional help is a good option for you. In addition to helping you find a very profitable property, the professional real estate agent will also guide you in making the best choices that will be favorable for you. Also, whenever you want to sell or rent out your property, the help of a professional will ensure that you get a great return on your investment.